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Biden Wingman Merrick Garland Set to Announce Probe of ‘Homegrown’ ‘Election Infrastructure Threats’

During one of his podcasts, Victor Davis Hanson made a keen observation. That, in and of itself, is nothing new, but this remark was particularly apropos. Hanson commented that if one looks at Joe Biden’s career, one will see that he has never been a “good person.” The onset of his dementia has simply made that character flaw harder to conceal.

That character flaw will be on display sometime this Monday. Biden, his cronies, and his handlers understand that they may not walk away with the midterm elections. Because they are worried about their sand castle getting washed out to sea, they are desperate. And desperate times call for desperate measures. And desperate people lack moral compasses.

The Department of Justice is set to announce that it will address schemes and criminal activity that could affect the 2022 midterms. Official bulletins will follow. Of course. You had to know this was coming. I have said it before and will say it again: If these people cannot win you over, they will run you over. The major concerns include the potential for violence, false information, and the potential harassment of poll workers. The threat of foreign interference was downplayed by Jen Easterly, the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. The biggest threat to “election infrastructure security” is allegedly homegrown.

Politico carried the story and dutifully and breathlessly cited two news sources covering the same report, Axios and 12News, about two armed individuals intimidating voters at drop boxes in Arizona. The incident involved “vigilantes” in “tactical gear.” All the hallmarks of… MAGA REPUBLICANS. They called the incident “increasing reports.”

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Okay, Politico, you want to go there? Let’s go there.

Does anyone remember the incident in Philadelphia from the 2012 presidential election? You know, the one where armed members of the Black Panther Party showed up with guns at polling places? How about the prior race? If not, here is a snippet of the Washington Times story from November 6 of that year:

A reporter for Philadelphia Magazine found a “uniformed member of the New Black Panther Party” Tuesday morning at the entrance to a polling place in the 1200 block of Fairmount Avenue in Philadelphia. The reporter, Victor Fiorillo, told the man he was going to take his photograph.

‘No pictures, please,’ he replied. When the reporter asked the black panther if he was there to provide security, the man replied, ‘No comment.’

Other Black Panthers reportedly showed up at a second polling place in Philadelphia Tuesday morning.

On Election Day in 2008, three members of the New Black Panther Party stood outside a polling place in Philadelphia, with one of them brandishing a nightstick or baton. The Justice Department under President George W. Bush filed a civil complaint again three Black Panthers — Minister King Samir Shabazz, Malik Zulu Shabazz and Jerry Jackson — charging them with violating voter rights by using coercion, threats and intimidation. The Obama administration later dismissed most of the case, even though the Black Panthers had not contested the charges.

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So, if the Black Panthers want to maintain a threatening presence at the polls complete with weapons, that is no big deal. After all, we had the best president in the history of the nation to elect and re-elect. Vote blue, citizen, and move along, nothing more to see here. Or just move along if you were planning on voting red. The Democrats clearly had no issue with non-state actors intimidating voters, since they were on the “right side” of history.

But two people in Maricopa County, two unidentified people for that matter, doing the same thing is a threat to the 2022 election? I am not supporting people intimidating voters whatever their political persuasion may be, but even the Left should be able to see the disconnect here. And they can, although they will never admit it.

According to the Axios story, the pair accused voters of being “mules.” But this is an era of fake race hoaxes, increasing questions about the COVID-19 pandemic, a president who is barely aware of his surroundings and who is telling people being savaged by inflation that the economy is “strong as hell”, and a press and an administration that have no concept of truth. Or that willfully ignore it to preserve the perks of privilege. Exaggeration is permitted. Lying is permitted. Weaponizing law enforcement is permitted. Ignoring the law is permitted, and violence is permitted. Nothing is off the table at this point. And more American people are figuring it out:

In the wild, a predator will make the kill while the scavengers linger on the periphery, waiting to satiate their hunger with the leftovers. As the media scavengers wait for their turn at the carcass, one must wonder about the predators. Animal predators kill for food. Beyond protecting power, money, and everything else that comes with being a Democrat, what are these predators protecting?

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God only knows, but they realize that people have finally taken notice of the fact that they have lied, bungled, and embezzled their way through their return to power. They don’t need an October Surprise, a broken water line, lost ballots, or even 2,000 mules. They have the Department of Justice to fix this for them.

Story cited here.

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