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Biden ‘Completing the Smuggling Cycle’

President Joe Biden’s border policies have reintroduced the “catch-and-release magnet” and ultimately helped complete the Mexican drug cartels’ “smuggling cycle,” according to National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd on Newsmax TV.

“Well, President Biden, he’s completing the smuggling cycle,” Judd told Monday’s “Spicer & Co.” “I mean, when you talk about reuniting families, these families are already here in the United States illegally, they put their children in the hands of these smugglers – these dangerous criminal organizations that are making billions of dollars off of human trafficking, human misery.

“And by reuniting all of these individuals here in the United States, what the Biden administration is doing is they are actually completing the smuggling cycle. They’re helping cartels make money hand over foot.”

Judd told host Sean Spicer, by reintroducing the catch-and-release policy former President Donald Trump shut down, President Biden has made the U.S. a “magnet” for human, sex, and drug trafficking.

“The Biden administration, by releasing these children, they have reintroduced what we call the catch and release magnet,” Judd said. “That is what draws so many people to cross our borders illegally. They’ve created this revolving door where people come into the United States; they violate our laws; they get released pending a [Notice to Appear] for a future court date.

“But all anybody has to do is go back and look at the stats; look at the actual evidence; and these people will never leave the country. Even if they get in order of deportation from a judge, they’re never going to leave our country.”

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Judd noted Biden’s increase to 65,500 refugees this year is nonsensical when “we already have 102,000 people that have crossed the border illegally.”

“It’s absolutely outrageous what we’re seeing today,” Judd lamented.

On another topic, Judd rejected Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., saying she is sowing division in the GOP.

“What we’re looking for is we have to have in somebody that’s going to stand up and have a unified voice,” Judd told co-host Lyndsay Keith. “When you look at the Republican Party, you can’t have division within that party, and Liz Cheney obviously is sowing that division.”

Judd is among the public voices supporting Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., as the new House GOP Conference chair.

“So you’re looking at somebody that is going to be intelligent, somebody who has the energy, somebody that can go and reach out to the people, and congresswoman Stefanik has been able to do that,” Judd concluded. “And on top of that she has the support of President Trump.”

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