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Biden Announces Uber and Lyft To Give Free Rides To Vaccine Sites

In a roundtable with governors on Tuesday, President Biden announced that ride share services Uber and Lyft will be providing free rides for people to go and get vaccinated.

“From May 24 through July 4, Uber and Lyft, Uber and Lyft are both gonna offer everyone free rides to and from vaccination sites. I think that is really stepping up. Both Uber and Lyft, free rides, to, they’ll wait, and from, they’ll take you back home,” Biden said. He stressed that this would be especially beneficial for college aged student, and would encourage them to get the vaccine.

The administration has said repeatedly that access to vaccines is a big reason that the vaccine rate has slowed down, and this move is an effort to provide people who want the free vaccine with a way to get it.

Governor’s shared their ways of incentivizing vaccinations, including providing mobile vaccination units, walk-up sites, and other options. But they also stressed the need for vaccine databases in order to figure out why, who, and where the vaccine hesitancy is.

Utah’s governor Spencer Cox said that guidance “on what a fully vaccinated person can do” would be helpful to push the messaging on vaccines. Much of the conversation was about messaging, and how to provide the most effective messaging for each demographic.

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Biden said “the idea, you’re talking about it, is what we nationally can do, in terms of making drawing a portrait of what it means if you’re fully vaccinated what you can do and what you can’t do relative to the rest of the population. And we’re just getting there now to the degree that I think you’re gonna see a more aggressive effort on our part to layout that once vaccinated, it’s not only you can hug your grandchildren, you can do a lot more.”

“And whether or not you have to have even at some point soon masks inside versus outside, I mean, so we’re, and if anything, we’ve gone a little slower to make sure we’re exactly right in terms of the percent of the population that has been vaccinated, the adult population,” Biden said.

The CDC spokesman Jeff Zeints said he expected more information to be forthcoming from the CDC.

Uber and Lyft had been opponents of one of the Biden administration’s labor initiatives, the PRO Act, which would reclassify their workers as employees.

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