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Australia’s Conservatives Win Surprise Election Victory

Scott Morrison has swept to victory in a sensational federal election result that defied the polls and cements the Coalition’s power.

The Coalition is on track to win government, fending off Labor and Bill Shorten’s efforts to take over as prime minister.

As it stands, the Coalition is headed to form a minority government at least, but could still reach the 76 seats needed to form a majority government. There is no longer any path to victory for Labor.

In a jubilant victory speech at the Liberal Party official election night function at Sydney’s Sofitel Wentworth hotel, Mr Morrison acknowledged the surprise win saying, “I have always believed in miracles”.

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The Prime Minister said Mr Shorten had contacted him to concede defeat, and said he thanked the Labor leader for his “kind remarks to me and Jenny”.

“I would like to wish him and Chloe and his family all the best and God’s blessings,” he said.

On stage with his wife Jenny and two daughters, Mr Morrison said he was standing with “the three biggest miracles of my life”.

“And tonight we’ve been delivered another one!” he said.

“How good is Australia! And how good are Australians!”

The Coalition has so far picked up 73 seats. Labor has won 68 and The Greens, Centre Alliance and Katter’s Australia Party has all taken one seat each.

There are also three independents — Zali Steggall, Andrew Wilkie, and Helen Haines.

Four seats remain in doubt.

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The Coalition’s bombshell triumph comes after repeated polls placed the ALP ahead of the Morrison Government, and the Prime Minister’s demise appeared assured.

Swings to the Coalition in Queensland turned the election on its head as early figures suggested the Government could hold on.

In his speech, as he went through and thanked individual Liberal MPs who held on to their seats, he also thanked “pretty much the whole of Queensland”.

As the crowd chanted “Queensland! Queensland Queensland”, Mr Morrison said: “How good is Queensland? I never thought would hear that in this room in NSW this close to Origin I’ve gotta tell you!”

As the votes came in confidence began to grown among Liberal supporters. At the official Liberal Party function in Sydney exuberant young Liberal supporters were heard chanting that the Liberals were “an election winning machine”.

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“Labor used to be party for the workers, now it’s a party for people who don’t work,” one said.

Earlier at Coalition HQ, Liberal supporters screamed, hugged each other and started celebrating in earnest. The room is ecstatic, with shock clearly seen on many faces. Supporters have described the Coalition’s shock win as one of the “greatest nights” the party has seen.

Labor scrutineers told older voters have punished the party for its higher-taxing agenda. States where the economy is not thriving — such as Queensland, WA and country areas — have backed the Liberals’ agenda focused on the economy and jobs.

“A bold agenda is now dead forever in Australia,” a Labor scrutineer says as it became clear the election was turning against Shorten.

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