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Arizona Leaning Blue, But Game Day Vote Drops Indicate Looming Red Upset

Update 3:47 a.m.: More votes are coming in from Maricopa County that seem to favor Kari Lake:

Original story:

As of this writing, Arizona is still leaning blue, but that may well be headed for an upset as game-day vote drops show significant Republican leads.

While the major races in Arizona continue to show strong Democrat leads, that may be changing. Gubernatorial Democrat candidate Katie Hobbs has 55.67% of the vote over Republican Kari Lake (44.33%), with 57% reporting. And Senate incumbent Mark Kelly (D) has a 56.77% lead over Republican Blake Masters (40.96%), with 58% reporting. But multiple recent dumps of Election Day votes were for Kari Lake—by a massive margin.

Kari Lake has declared her confidence in a coming victory, and vote drops seem to justify her optimism.

Republicans really did vote en masse on Election Day, it seems.

Republican Arizona Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem has also expressed confidence that Democrat leads in the state are premature.

Stay tuned for potential big news to come!

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