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Antifa Militants Panic After Being Notified That Facebook Gave Their Messages To The FBI

Violent Antifa extremist Alissa Azar revealed on Wednesday that Facebook is reportedly cooperating with the FBI to provide them with personal messages and emails from Antifascist activists that are currently under investigation by law enforcement.

Alissa Azar, who is currently facing felony riot and assault charges, warned her fellow Portland comrades to move discussions in-person, The Post Millennial editor-at-large Andy Ngo reports.

“Activists in the Willamette Valley have recently been notified via their Facebook emails that Facebook has complied with a law enforcement request for information regarding their Facebook messages & activity,” Azar said Wednesday on Twitter.

“At this juncture we are unsure of how many emails have been sent or who they have been sent to, but we do know that this inquiry came from the FBI,” she added.

The Antifa extremist, who also happens to be a self-proclaimed “journalist,”, proceeded to encourage other members of Antifa to use encrypted chat channels when communicating with other activists. Although, she said the safest option would be face-to-face discussions.

Alissa Azar reminded her comrades not to talk to law enforcement and said local activist collectives can help those that received warnings from Facebook with legal/bail funds.

“Now would be a good time to remind each other to reach out to local activist collectives for help regarding digital & operational security. Using encrypted messaging/email, or better yet, having in-person discussions are our safest options,” Azar said. “If you have received these emails please turn to your community for support. Don’t ever talk to law enforcement, especially without a lawyer, ever. If you don’t have a lawyer or funds for one, there are folks who can help remedy this. We protect us.”

Terrified that the FBI may be investigating Antifa cells, Antifa are warning members to leave all electronics behind even for in-person discussions and meetings, Ngo reports.

On June 18, 2021, Alissa Azar violently assaulted a group of right-wing protesters with bear mace at a park in Oregon City. She is facing felony assault charges over this incident, and the trial date is set for December 13, 2022, in Clackamas County.

Azar also runs an OnlyFans account, where she reportedly averages over $23,000 a month in subscription payments and describes herself as a “slutty anarchist.”

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