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Antifa Assaults Small Child, Seattle Police During May Day Riot

Police in Seattle declared an Antifa May Day protest to be a riot after marchers reportedly assaulted cops and a small child. The rioters continued, marching into the streets committing crimes.

Antifa began a May Day demonstration in Cal Anderson Park in Seattle on Saturday evening, according to a tweet from the Seattle Police Department. The protest became violent as Antifa began throwing flares, bottles, eggs, paint, and a bag filled with an unidentified liquid.

Independent journalist Katie Daviscourt tweeted a video showing police following the marchers and saying someone in the crowd had assaulted a small child a few minutes earlier.

Daviscourt reported police were unable to identify the person who actually committed the assault and not make an arrest in that case.

Seattle police began making other arrests as the crowd became violent and refused an order to disperse.

Seattle police tweeted they arrested four people at Cal Anderson Park.

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