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Alleged Colorado Juvenile Transgender Shooter Identified

The alleged juvenile shooter at STEM School Highlands Ranch Tuesday has been identified as Maya McKinney, a girl who is reported to be “transitioning” from female to male, said the Denver Post.

McKinney, 16, who uses the name “Alec,” is being charged under her legal name of Maya Elizabeth.

According to the report, McKinney and the other shooting suspect, Devon Erickson, 18, appeared at Douglas County Courthouse Wednesday. McKinney sat next to her mother, who reportedly remained at the table in the courtroom alone, crying, after her daughter was removed.

While both suspects remain in custody, District Attorney George Brauchler is scheduled to announce formal charges against them Friday. He also plans to announce whether he will charge McKinney as an adult.

The shooting at the school left an 18-year-old male student dead and eight others injured, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

The Post reported:

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McKinney’s attorney offered some clarity to his client’s gender identity during the court hearing after Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock identified the Juvenile suspect as a boy immediately after the shooting and then as a girl during an early Wednesday morning news conference.

During the hearing, McKinney’s defense attorney, Ara Ohanian, asked that his client’s handcuffs be removed. The judge declined, citing what she had read in court filings.

[District Court Judge Theresa] Slade also withheld bond, saying, “The court does find that Mr. McKinney is a danger to others.”

Freshman Ben Lemos told the Post McKinney was transgender and had personal problems that included “a negative experience with school.”

Heavy reported McKinney posted to her Twitter account that her mother said she missed “my Alec can you find him for me,” and that McKinney responded, “I miss my dad can you find him for me.”

The report also noted that a friend of McKinney’s and Erickson’s also posted to Instagram that both suspects are “struggling with mental health issues.”

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